When will my music be on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal etc?

This is up to you. The faster you submit your music, the faster your content will expose to major digital distribution platform. Our goal is to get you in asap.

What percentage do I make from my sales?

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Do I give up any ownership rights when using Munchy Music?

No. You keep the 100% ownership rights over your music and can remove it from Munchy Music anytime free of charge.

The only thing we ask is that you don't distribute the same single or album to a service where it is available via us using another distributor. This would mean duplicate versions becoming available there which is something we and our partners would like to avoid. 

What is a national identification number?

A national identification number (also called national identity number, or social security number) is a unique number given to individuals in countries around the world.

We require that you add this number to your billing and payment information so that payments to you can be correctly registered with the tax authorities.

If you are unsure of what this number is then it may go by a different name where you live. Please see below for an overview of those countries which use another name here for this number.

Country Name
Sweden Personnummer
United States Social security number
United Kingdom National insurance number
Norway Birth number
Denmark Personal Identification Number
Finland Personal identity code
France INSEE code
Netherlands  BSN (Citizen's Service Number).